Let’s make construction more efficient

The Modspace® Chassis construction method is a system devised from years of experience. We’ve taken the benefits of off-site and on-site builds and put them together to create a hybrid system that really performs.

A system like no other

Speed of Design & Consenting

Speed of Construction

The Chassis is the building structure – taking care of all structural and bracing requirements.

After having Designed, Project Managed, Constructed and Funded many construction projects here in New Zealand, our founder was adamant that the status quo of traditional construction methods was outdated. The inefficiencies experienced in all these areas were enough to drive our founder to develop a new method of construction – one that made building in New Zealand significantly more efficient. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Modular. But Variable.

The Standard Chassis

Three Standard Chassis

Two Standard Chassis

Chassis Design Variations

Lintel between Chassis

Cantilevered Soffit

Gable Roof Structure

2-Level Chassis

Side Pitch across Chassis

Configuration Gallery

Design Advantages

Speed of Design

Using standardised design elements, we can turn around designs and documentation in a very short space of time.

Clear Span

Our Chassis can span 9m clear, providing an entirely flexible space for your building fitout.


Multiple Territorial Authorities have consented and become familiar with our system, making way for faster Building Consent processing.

Proven Technology

Modspace® Chassis have been used in a range of public sector and private projects, in various challenging conditions.

Facade Options

Efficient structural design makes way for a wide range of cladding and glazing options.
With bracing taken care of within the module, the walls are open for creativity.

Fits the bill

Bespoke materials or more traditional materials can be used in and around the Chassis to enclose a space within your budget.

Construction Advantages

Off-site Manufacture

Chassis are efficiently manufactured in a factory environment, out of the weather. We minimise construction waste and operate LEAN manufacturing principles. Reducing on-site work shortens a project’s critical path in the overall program.

Environmental Care

LEAN principles ensure we optimise our materials and reduce waste helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Start Right

Once Chassis modules are erected on site, builders have a significant kickstart into the build. Construction can be completed within a matter of weeks.

Off or On-site Build

We deliver our Chassis modules direct to the project site, or to another faciltiy where
buildings can be built off-site, before being
transported to the final project destination.

Familiar Materials

Modspace® Chassis are made from construction materials that New Zealand builders know and are familiar with.

Safety & Health

Factory-manufactured Chassis helps reduce on-site construction and related Health & Safety risks. In a controlled environment, our azards are identified and minimised to protect our workforce from harm.

Whole-of-Life Advantages

Quality Materials

We go above and beyond the Building Code to ensure each building has quality materials that will stand the test of time in severe New Zealand environments.


Using Modspace® Chassis, at any stage in the building’s lifetime, Chassis modules can be added to increase the building’s capacity to accomodate tenant growth.


Because our Chassis takes care of structural
requirements, refitting the internal building layout and external building envelope to suit future needs is not complicated.


If the building is only required on a temporary or medium-term basis, the Chassis or entire building can be uplifted and transported to a new site.

Build Process

With Modspace® Chassis you have options. Build on or off-site, but either way, you can be assured of an efficient build process. Download the document below for more information.

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Design & Consenting

Site Scope can provide a full design and consenting service for Modspace® Projects. Alternatively, we also work with a range of architects who work with our products.

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