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We’ve put togther some answers to our most asked questions. If you would like clarity on your specific project, please reach out.

What is Modspace® Home?

An innovative solution from Site Scope, Modspace® Homes are compact, fully functional dwellings that typically ranges from 17 to 50 square meters in size. They are designed to maximise space efficiency & minimise environmental impact.

Where can I place a Modspace® Home?

The placement of a Modspace® is subject to zoning regulations & land use laws.  Ensure compliance with local regulations before placing a Modspace® on a property.

If you need help with this, our experienced team of qualified Designers can assist.

Can I live in a Modspace® Home full-time?

Yes, many people choose to live in Modspace® as their primary residence. They have all the amenities that all traditional homes have, the advantage with Modspace® is that cost of living is generally less expensive.

Where can I buy a Modspace® Home in NZ?

Exciting news! Our Modspace® factory, based in Kerikeri, can transport your Modspace® throughout New Zealand. Transporting your dream Modspace® to your desired location is seamlessly handled, ensuring your vision becomes a reality no matter where you are in the country.

Becasue of the size of the homes and our efficient Design & Construction, we are breaking barriers when it comes to cost-effective delivery.

Can I connect my Home to Utilities like Power and Water?

Absolutely! All Modspace® homes can be easily connected to standard utilities, ensuring you have the comfort of a traditional home. However, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous & want to embrace sustainable living, all Modspace® Homes are specifically designed to be off the grid. These setups rely on alternative energy sources & clever water storage solutions.

What are the Site Costs?

Costs vary based on design, services & location. 

Good news is, we have a Site Scope Cost Calculator that can quickly pull togther a comprehensive budget for your total project.

What will the Foundations Cost?

The cost of piling for a Modspace® using will vary based on several factors.

We assess the site conditions, determine the number of piles needed and provide you with a detailed cost estimate based on your unique requirements.

Additionally, we can guide you through any permitting processes and ensure that the piling solution meets all safety and regulatory standards.

Are Modspace® Homes Energy Efficient?

Modspace® Homes are crafted with a keen focus on energy efficiency, aligning with the rigorous standards set by the new New Zealand building code H1 calculations. The insulated properties ensure a cosy and energy-smart environment within your Modspace® Home.

Many of our clients take it further by incorporating sustainable features like solar panels and energy-efficient appliances. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s about creating a space that’s environmentally conscious and cost-effective.

Do I need a Consent?

In New Zealand, the requirement for building consent to site a Modspace® and connect to services depends on various factors, including the building’s specific location, size and intended use.

Building consents are typically required for new constructions, alterations or changes of use to ensure that the building complies with the building code and other relevant regulations.

Please read our ‘Busting Tiny Home Myths‘ article.

Is a Deposit Required and what are the Payment Milestones?

In order to secure a place in the production line, a deposit of 50% of the Modspace® Home is required before construction; this takes the building to completion, ready to leave the factory.

A further payment milestone is required before transportation; this is generally 50% of the Modspace® Home.

The last milestone is the Transportation Costs once the Modspace® home has reached your site.

What will the Cost of Transport be?

The cost of transporting your Modspace® can vary based on several factors. We will estimate your transportation cost based on factors such as distance and route to the site, accessibility and installation on site.

Using the Site Scope Cost Calculator, we can quickly check the price of transport to your site.

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