Our Process

Licensed Designers & Builders

Our superior process sets us apart. As qualified professionals, we adhere to strict standards, ensuring every project is executed with precision and integrity. Trust us to do things properly and achieve outstanding results.


Discuss the details of the project

Let’s talk about your ideas and vision for a Modspace® Home.

Use our Site Scope Cost Calculator to give you an overall Project Budget.

We’ll give you guidance on the necessary Compliance pathway to achieving your dream!


Choose your Plans & Customisations

Find a plan that suits your needs and that is going to fit within the Project Budget. 

Choose the customisations, or stick with our recommended colour scheme.

Concept Site Plan

We’re necessary, we’ll help you to get a Concept Site Plan drawn for the project, showing key features of the Site Layout.

Proposal & Contract

Once you’re happy with the Plans, we’ll establish a comprehensive Project Proposal and Contract for signing.

This may include;
– Design and Consenting for the Site
– Factory Build of Modspace® Home
– Transport / Delivery
– Foundations 
– and more…


Design & Construction

Once the Contract is signed, we’ll get to work on the Factory Build Plan for your exact home (with customisations), Factory Scheduling and then Construction.

Crafting your dream home is our passion.

Site Plans & Consents

If you’ve asked us to take care of the Site Plans & Consents, we’ll start designing these and obtain the necessary consents needed to land your Modspace® Home on your site.


Site Works

Whether it’s Site Scope or yourself, the site will need to be prepared according to the Site Plans and Consents. 

This includes things like, Foundations, preparing the accessway and other on-site work.

This work (i.e. Deck Construction and Landscaping) will continue after the Modspace® Home/s have been delivered.

Delivery of Home!

Finally the day has arrived! Your new Modspace® Home is going to arrive and be craned onto the Foundations.

The project is nearing completion and you’ll soon be able to enjopy the new space…

Site Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC)

Once the Home has been delivered and Site Works are complete, the Council will be able to inspect the on-site work and give you a Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC) to approve the works that have been undertaken on site.

It is important you get this as it is not only a legal requirement, but also having a new, quality-built Modspace® Home that is compliant will add great value to your property.

Move In

Once you’ve got your Site CCC, you’re free to move into your Modspace® Home and start enjoying the Warm, Safe, Dry sanctuary that you have created!

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