We’ve developed a simpler way to construct quality and durable accessways. Not only are these Modspace® products sustainable and eco-friendly, but they are very efficient to install. Reducing on-site work is safer for both installers and personnel who may have to operate in and around the building site.


Modspace® Deck Modules typically have a simple four-pile foundation, or where Deck Modules are joined, a pile can be shared. As an alternative, the Deck L-Bracket can be utilised to bolt to existing structures – reducing the number of piles needed. Deck Modules are also compatible with various handrail systems including Moddex®.


Modspace® Canopy Modules connect seamlessly with our Deck Modules, providing shelter and shade. The structure is bolted to the Deck Modules, utilising the deck’s pile foundations. The Modular Canopies can also connect to concrete, for use alongside existing buildings or as stand-alone structures (i.e bus stops).


The Modspace® Modular Ramp system provides an efficient alternative to existing construction methods. 4m Ramp Modules can be joined to create an 8m clear-span. Engineered Pivot Brackets allow for adjustable connection to landings, decks and existing site constraints.

Sustainable & Ecofriendly

Our modular products are manufactured off-site so we can reduce waste and create efficient processes. We source our steel and timber products from NZ suppliers that embrace environmentally sustainable practices. Modspace® Products can be relocated multiple times which reduces product wastage should the client wish to re-situate our products.

New Zealand Made

Materials are locally sourced and manufactured in NZ. BY purchasing Modspace® products, you are helping keep Kiwis employed right here in New Zealand. All our manufacturing is completed in New Zealand and our suppliers are locally based too. Supporting local business and keeping jobs in New Zealand is important to us. 

Reduced on-site Works

Finished modular components are brought to site and installed efficiently. Construction sites pose safety hazards to those who live, work or learn on the property. The faster construction projects can be completed on site, the safer it is for personnel on the property. Along with this, on-site works can be interrupted by weather or suchlike, causing project delays. Reducing this risk of this is a win for all stakeholders.

Designed for Life

Our products have been designed to meet and exceed the New Zealand Building Code. For outdoor products, we only use hot-dipped galvanised or stainless steel. All our timber products are stress-graded, treated and thoroughly tested to ensure we deliver a product that is fit-for-purpose for years to come.

Modular and Extendable

At any time, buildings, decks, canopies and ramps can be extended by adding extra modules. As the clients’ needs change, or when more funding becomes available, Modspace® products can be purchased and efficiently installed. Our products provide flexibility both now and in the future.

Stocked Items

Items are in stock ready to be dispatched when you need them. We’re committed to having all our products stocked ready for quick purchase and installation. Time is critical and eliminating delivery lead-times is one way to complete projects on time and within budget.