Granny Flats

Bring your Family Home

Unlock extra space and possibilities with a Modspace® Granny Flat. This versatile addition to your property goes beyond just a small home. Create a haven for family, a home office, or generate extra income through a hassle-free rental unit. Modspace offers a perfect solution for expanding your living space without the stress of a major build.

Modspace® Homes
Modspace® Homes

Relax, we’ll manage the whole project

Modspace delivers your dream granny flat pre-fabricated and ready to enjoy. Our expert team can take care of any on-site work and consents, ensuring a pain-free process. Let our experts handle the project to save you time and effort.  

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Our Process

Our ‘no-shortcuts’ approach makes projects a breeze. We chat with stakeholders, make smart decisions, craft great designs, and deliver top-notch results, ensuring everything runs smoothly and successfully.

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Photo Gallery

Check out our Photo Gallery to see Modspace® Homes in action! From stunning finished projects to exciting ones under construction, you’ll find tons of inspiration. See the quality and creativity that make every Modspace® Home special.

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Modspace® Chassis, Deck, Canopy, Ramp