Busting the ‘Tiny Home’ Myths

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99% of all ‘tiny homes’ need to be consented on your property regardless of whether they have wheels, skids or anything or that nature.

There are two Building Consents that relate to ‘tiny homes’. A Building Consent for the Factory Work and a Building Consent for the Work on Site (Foundations, Wastewater etc.).

1 – If you are connecting your Home to services or if you are disposing of Waste (including from Composting Toilets) on the site, then you need an ‘On-Site’ Building Consent.

2 – If the Home is lived in permanently, on a long-term basis or just used as a Holiday Home or Short-term accommodation, you will need a ‘On-Site’ Building Consent.


You may read extensive articles on websites that paint the compliance picture as ‘unclear’ and ‘confusing’ – it isn’t.

The above rules apply.


The tiny home industry has been built up on dodgy operators, businesses who build homes on wheels, and people who will try to tell you to avoid consents to get a quick sale.

We abstain from that class of operators. How could you trust them to manufacture you a quality Home?


At Site Scope, we are professional MBIE LBP Licensed Designers and Carpenters. We always endeavour to give our clients sound, trustworthy advice.

We can take care of all Design and Consenting requirements for your Site. Afterall, Site Scope started as a Project Management and Design consultancy.

It’s fair to say we know what we’re doing when it comes to dealing with Councils and other authorities. Trust us to give you a seamless home-building experience.

In some cases, we’ll even offer to do a full turn-key Design and Construction that includes all necessary on-site works. Just sit back and watch the action!


To start your journey, please reach out to us today…


For MBIE guidance on Tiny Homes please Click Here